Cosmetics are expired, How do you look?

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Cosmetics  are substances used to add beauty to the human body. At present, the use of cosmetics is widespread, both in women and men. In the early stages of the production of cosmetics, there were still uncertain production processes. Some types are sold only in pharmacies. until when each type of cosmetics has a clear trademark and has exact production methods. Makes of higher quality.

1. Check from the product.

A simple principle of checking whether Are cosmetics expired? UFABET That is, if the brand already has a standard. On the product must clearly state the details of the production. Such as the name and address of the manufacturer. or import company including production date and expiration date If none or ambiguously specified. Just be skeptical that the product might be unsafe. and should not be bought and used.

2. From the date of activation.

The age of each type of cosmetics can be from the date of first opening In the case of purchase. It’s best to buy cosmetics that have only been produced for no more than 6 months. A trick for forgetful people to make a small note and stick it on your makeup. On what date did we open the product for the first time? As for people with good memory, they can predict when the product is likely to expire.

3. Check from the website.

Usually, cosmetics have a code. that are numbers or letters Appears on almost every brand of products. If it’s a tube, it’s at the end of the tube. Which can be used to check the code on the website of the product of that brand at all. Now, you will know how many years will last. whether enabled or not Another thing is that after turning it on. How long will it last? Let’s look at the symbol that is a jar with numbers. For example, if it’s 24M, our cosmetics have been used for 1 year, meaning that we can only use it for 1 more year.