Attitudes of women towards beauty values

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For women. Of course beauty are inseparable. It is something that accept and understand that It’s a female instinct. It is a natural mechanism that has exist for a long time since in the past. Beauty has become something that is pair with women like us. Although some people who are not able to be beautiful from birth. Was able to decorate himself to be beautiful. Until the young man fascinate as we can see from the literature on love in many places. A story that authors tend to imagine and expect women to be beautiful. Perfect and almost perfect healthy.

When women expect through the stories of many media. Especially beautiful women born into noble and noble family. The more it is often imagine and expect to be a beautiful person. Both wealth and beauty In the past, Women’s beauty was also use as a sign of the status and prestige of the husband. If any husband has a beautiful wife. It will be known and appreciated. When the beauty of a woman is highly expect within society from the past. Continuing to the present resulting in various careers many have emerge from beauticians, hairdressers, dressmakers. And what is becoming more prevalent today is various types of surgeries.


It is undeniable that women in this day and age who have beautiful faces tend to be accepted and open in various fields. than the ugly face Most people in society still prefer women’s beauty over their true self-worth. Or a woman who has talent is not able to compete with a woman who is more beautiful than herself. In addition to having to work very hard to be able to stand in the same spot as the girls with beautiful faces. These things are like social values. Or it may be a matter of nature that has created human selection for complete and suitable species to survive in society. And it is still a part of our subconscious that is difficult to disguise from society.

So women still have to try to create their own personality to look good and perfect in any way. And because of the values ​​that dominate our minds like this, many modern women have overlooked the value of inner beauty at the same time. Indeed, there is beauty from within or from good character, gentle, sweet, kind-hearted, and compassionate. This is considered a beauty that can be created by yourself from within. And it also reflects a woman’s personality that has a lot of charm and self-worth. According to report by ufabet