Aging face what are the warning signs? 

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          When a premature aging face is caused by a wrong lifestyle, therefore, new behaviors should be adjusted. To take care of yourself to make your skin bright again.

The method is.

  • Avoid alcohol and cigarettes – to prevent the skin from losing moisture. And eliminate the main cause of skin damage. By refraining from both UFABET of these things continuously, the skin will gradually recover and look younger.
  • Apply facial cream regularly . – Moisturizer and nourishing creams in addition to helping to add moisture to the skin. There are also nutrients that will prevent and reduce wrinkles. which, when used regularly, will maintain the skin from premature aging
  • Remember to apply sunscreen – not just when you have to leave the house. Because our skin can be exposed to UV rays all the time, whether it is from the light that passes through the window or the light from computer and phone screens. Applying sunscreen will protect the skin. Does not cause dull skin and wrinkles
  • Drink plenty of clean water – hydrated skin must come from within. Drinking plenty of clean water will help to add moisture to the tissues and skin cells. Makes the skin look more radiant and firm. You should drink about 1.5 liters a day.
  • Exercise – Regular exercise will improve your blood circulation. when the blood circulation improves The skin will look radiant, rosy and also drain the waste in the body through sweat as well.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – because fruits and vegetables increase antioxidants. Help the digestive system and add vitamins to the body The more you eat, the younger you are.